Уведомление об архивации фотографий и уведомлений по электронной почте

Архивирование Ваших фотографий для новых заказов является частью нашего сервиса и, следовательно, частью договора по созданию аккаунта клиента.

Кроме того, отправка напоминаний/уведомлений по электронной почте (например, информация о предоставлении фотографий или их удалении) является частью нашего сервиса, и поэтому не требуется отдельного запроса на согласие.

Поскольку направление электронных писем в настоящее время активно обсуждается в средствах массовой информации, мы решили запросить дополнительное согласие для новых аккаунтов клиентов. Пожалуйста, напишите нам по электронной почте или нажмите на ссылку отказа от подписки в уведомлении по электронной почте, если Вы не хотите получать от нас сообщения в дальнейшем.

Нашу Политику конфиденциальности Вы можете найти здесь.

Terms & Conditions – Please read

Cheeky Smiles Studio is a branch of Wilson & Co Photography services; all aspects of the business are run and operated by Jenny Wilson as a sole trader.

All digital images are individually processed. Minor retouching is a part of the service offered and every effort to colour match skin tones and clothing is made to create true, natural images. If desired, significant alteration/retouching of images (such as removal of a scratch on face) can be requested via email to jenny@wilsonandcophoto.com. Dependant on alteration requested an additional charge will be necessary but all costs will be agreed prior to the commencement of any retouching work.

Cheeky Smiles Studio will make your images available for viewing via a secure online gallery, which will be QR password-protected, for a maximum of three months. Orders should be made during this viewing period, after this time period images are still available but you will need to contact me direct at jenny@wilsonandcophoto.com.

Cheeky Smiles Studio offer a range of photographic products, which are subject to change. The price list is adjusted periodically, and orders will be charged at the prices in effect at the time the order is placed. Special offers may be made available all of which will be printed on your child’s QR ID slip along with details of where and how to order prints and products.

Cheeky Smiles Studio of Wilson & Co Photography retains full, unlimited, worldwide copyright on all photographs supplied. These prints are solely for personal display purposes. They may not be copied, published, reproduced, or stored on any electronic retrieval system without the express written permission of Wilson & Co Photography. The sole exception to this is that where images are supplied to the client electronically with reproduction rights, (for example by e- mail or on a digital storage medium) when the client may make unlimited reproductions for their own personal use, but the client is not entitled to alter or manipulate the images in any way – only the use of filters and crop options within this website are permitted to be used to add/alter image representation. No images supplied by Wilson & Co Photography may be used for any commercial purpose, including advertising and any other promotional purpose, without the express written permission of Wilson & Co Photography.

Use of images by Cheeky Smiles Studio of Wilson & Co Photography

Wilson & Co Photography reserves the right to use a Client’s images for advertising and promotion of the business in various media; Wilson & Co Photography website, entry in photographic contests or art exhibitions, editorial use, for the creation of samples & brochures.

If you wish to restrict the use of your images in any way, please advise in writing or by e-mail to jenny@wilsonandcophoto.com.

If Wilson & Co Photography wishes to use any of your images for commercial purposes where payment is sought or received, such as the sale of images to photographic libraries, Wilson & Co Photography will not do so without first obtaining your written permission.

Any modifications of these terms and conditions must be in writing and signed by both parties. English Law shall govern this Agreement.